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Institutional Evaluation of Outcomes Requirement

Description of Program Evaluation Plan: Follow-Up Surveys

CMN follow-up study survey was based upon the University of Wisconsin system’s survey. The TE Department Chair issued surveys in April (as recommended by principal on Advisory Board) to school administrator, the teachers serving as mentors, and the CMN graduates (six for June 2011). This information included: demographic information about present employment, reasons for choosing CMN for teacher preparation, opinion of teacher education preparation based on the 10 standards, strengths and weaknesses of CMN’s teacher preparation program, rating of CMN Teacher Education Program, suggestions for improvement, and reparation for employment. An electronic form of the survey was used for easy access and collation.

The Department Chairperson distributed the survey in January, at beginning of the first semester. At Advisory Board meeting, the principal suggested waiting to issue survey towards the end of the semester. Responses to survey information was gathered at end of April compiled for analysis in May Data Retreat.

During the data retreat meeting in May, the survey edits included: describing particular standards that survey pertains to DPI 10 Teaching Standards and Common Core; adding Head Start to public schools in terms of “understanding the politics of public schools” and making sure respondents respond to all items.

On May 4th, the CMN TE faculty responded to item analysis and discussed/agreed upon ways to address statements that needed improvements. On May 25th, the Advisory Board received documents submitted to DPI ; IPRC/Submission for Licensure/Evidence Based Decision Making Narrative and watched a PowerPoint of results from the IPRC regarding PPST and PRAXIS II and how problems were going to be addressed. Additionally, the results, analysis, and how the TE plans to make needed changes.

In August, regional elementary schools were informed of the 2 CMN faculty members who have had training in Professional Development Plan (PDP) on DPI website, the training needed for the procedures/skills needed by team members to assess the knowledge, skills, and dispositions of the initial teacher. This year, one faculty member served on 3 initial teacher PDP who was one of three faculty who completed the Professional Development Plan PDP training in October.